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Two Poems   Sugar House Review

Digging a Well   Prairie Schooner  


A Black Spot   Prairie Schooner

Song for My Left Ear, Song for My Right   Poetry Northwest

An Exercise in Scales   Cumberland River Review

Kissing Boys   Mud Season Review


Laundry   Mud Season Review


Deer Hunter in Victoria's Secret   Mud Season Review


Issue of Blood at the Amusement Park   Mud Season Review


Doctor   Mud Season Review


Cave   gravel

Cleave   Literature and Belief


A Long Black Hair   Agave Magazine


Horses for Hire   Fresh Water


Sixth-Grade Broadway Revue   Dialogue

Janie Goodmansen's Reply   Dialogue

Little Ones   Verdad

Remembering Remembering Plato   Verdad

Well, Love, I'm Walking   Inklette

Bury Me Face Down   Twisted Vine

Application   Crack the Spine


Exists Reason to Dance   Literary Juice


Egg in a Bottle   Lingerpost


Gaps   Work


A Lesson   Gambling the Aisle


Menu   Dead Flowers


Octave   A Mother Here


Adam's Song   Contemporary American Voices


Buffalo Jump   Contemporary American Voices


Elegy for a Soldier   Contemporary American Voices

"Some Minutes" and "Bluetooth." Sugar House Review (forthcoming.)


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“A Black Spot.” Prairie Schooner 86.1 (2012): 105-7.


“Cleave,” “A Few Questions—Involving Pears—For My Newborn Son,” “To a Pear,” “Some” and  “Blind Man to the Healer.” Reprinted in Fire in the Pasture: 21st Century Mormon Poets.


“Childhood Is a Small Country.” Poet Lore 106.3-4 (2011): 37.


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